Our Staff

Running a successful hockey organization relies on a combination of great athletes  combined with a driving force of hard work and dedication from a great team of volunteers.

The Cold Lake Ice Jr B Hockey Club Organization is very fortunate to have a great group of volunteer members who believe in the future of Jr B Hockey in our community and are dedicated to creating a long lasting successful opportunity for our young and aspiring athletes.  A key part of our team is made up by our valued staff and board members. It is thanks to the continued hard work from our volunteer board that our organization continues to grow and improve within the Cold Lake Area. Our members are devoted to helping our young men grow into developed and well rounded players both on and off the ice.

If you are interested in learning more about our team or how you can get involved, please contact

Scott Hood – General Manager/Head Coach – coaches.coldlakeice@outlook.com

Dale Laursen- President

Jason Fournier- Vice President

Tania Locke- Treasurer

Brian Wareham- Director

Dustin Foulds- Director

Valerie Fraser- Director

Allison Untereiner- Secretary and Marketing/Sponsorship Admin- cljuniorbmarketing@gmail.com                

Head Coach 
Scott Hood

Assistant Coaches

Ron Tremblay and Shawn Coles

Nathan Pletz


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